Thula Meetse Mountain Lodge venue provides conference facility. Up to 40 delegates can be accommodated in the conference venue; while activities can be arranged.

Conference Room Equipment:

•  Combination flip chart and whiteboard
•  White wall screen
•  Writing pads and pens supplied
•  Ceiling Fans
•  Fruit juice and bottled Oryx Aqua water
•  Peppermints and sweets on tables

Please provide us with:-

•   Your agenda in regards to start times etc
•   Your Guest name List prior to Check-in
•   Your seating requirements for the conference
•   Your agenda or time schedule in order for us to ensure dinner and breakfast is on time
•   Special dietary requirements
•   Drinks list (this enables us to ensure that we are stocked with your guests preferred drinks
•   Should you consider activities kindly talk to us regarding this, we will be able to assis